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Monday Night Productions was founded by composer-musician Pascal Schumacher and by music manager and producer Raphael Junker.

"Pascal and I were born in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg into families of musicians and actors, and so we experienced and listened to a lot of music at home. We both studied classical percussion, and whilst Pascal became a musician, I developed a greater interest in production.

Pascal and I met in 2004 at a music workshop at the Luxembourg Conservatory, at a time when Pascal was beginning to forge his professional career and I wanted to represent an artist whose music would move me. Pascal’s music did just that and so I wanted to support him, experience his music on a daily basis, build up a friendship, but above all share his talent with an audience. Today, Pascal is a very popular musician and composer, regularly recording and touring, whilst his achievements as a bandleader have attained some of the most enviable rewards.

Together we enjoy creating new challenges and exploring new artistic expressions. We would like to share our passion for music with our families, friends, other artists, promoters and of course, our audience.

To put all our ideas into practice, we founded Monday Night Productions in 2008.”

Musically yours,

Raphael Junker 

Upcoming ConcertsUpcoming Concerts

20/03/20 - Solo +: Planetarium Sapce Nights (Mannheim, D)

04/09/20 - Ueberbach: Summer Festival (Oviedo, E)